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By choosing LifeWaterLLC for new pump installation in Santa Fe, NM, you will be placing your trust in a company whose unmatched experience guarantees your new pump will not only be of the highest quality, but also has been built to last for a long, long time. The well pumps we install are not only long lasting, but each is covered by the longest warranty of pumps used for residential or commercial purposes you are apt to find anywhere.

If your existing well pump should suddenly fail, or appears to be in imminent danger of doing so, you can rely on us for quick response and resolution of your problem. As we have access to the records of most past well drilling and pump installation operations, we are almost always able to determine the type of pump you need without having to travel to the well site to remove the existing pump first. In any event, you can expect a replacement pump to be put in place and your water supply restored in a very short time.

Whether the depth of your well is 50 feet or 500 feet makes no difference to us. Removing and replacing a well pump is seldom a daunting task, and we rarely encounter a significant problem unless the pipe itself is in need of repair, which is rarely the case. We always first check to ensure the pump control box is in working order since it may be the control box, and not the pump, where the source of the problem lies. We will never charge you for unnecessary parts or labor.

Whether the problem lies with the pump or not, it is still be a major problem. Get in touch with us first thing. LifeWaterLLC is the best new pump installer in Santa Fe, NM. You will get a prompt response, fast service, and your water will be flowing again before you know it.

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